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China Has Joined The International Arms Trade Treaty

China Has Joined The International Arms Trade Treaty

China has handed over to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres a document on joining the International Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), the permanent Chinese mission to the UN reported.

"On July 6, Ambassador Zhang Jun, permanent representative of China to the UN, handed over the document on China's accession to the arms trade Treaty to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres," the message reads.

Without directly naming the United States, which rejected the Treaty, Zhang Jun said in a statement that "a certain country ( ... ) has departed from international obligations and has begun to commit acts of unilateral policy and intimidation."

"This has brought huge uncertainty to the global strategic balance and stability and seriously undermined the joint efforts of all countries to solve global problems," he said.

Zhang Jun also called on major powers to join the Treaty.

China, which announced its plans in September, becomes the 107th party to the Pact approved by the UN General Assembly in 2013.

Former US President Barack Obama signed the Treaty in 2013. However, in April 2019, the current US President, Donald Trump, said that he intended to deprive the United States of the status of a signatory to the agreement.

In July 2019, Washington informed UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that the US does not intend to become a party to the Treaty and that the country has no legal obligations since its signing in 2013.