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Finnish Foreign Minister Suspected Of Abuse Of Office

Finnish Foreign Minister Suspected Of Abuse Of Office

The Central Criminal Police of Finland presented the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pekka Haavisto, the suspect in two crimes.

The foreign Minister is suspected of abuse of office and refusing to cooperate with the investigation, the portal of the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported on Wednesday.

The suspicions relate to the events of last fall, when the Minister dismissed the head of the Consular Department of the Foreign Ministry, Pasi Tuominen, and transferred him to another department because of the contradictions that arose. Haavisto later apologized to Tuominen and allowed Him to continue working in his old position.

During the investigation, Haavisto denied all the charges and refused to cooperate with him.

The Chief Prosecutor's office decided to continue the investigation, and, according to a press release released on Wednesday, the police completed the investigation and handed over the materials to the Prosecutor's office.

Haavisto has previously denied the charges against him, but according to the police, he can be suspected of abuse of office.

The root cause of the conflict was the Minister's order to the head of the consular Department to deliver children of Finnish citizens from Syria, from a camp for former terrorists. The head of the consular Department refused to comply with this order, citing the absence of a relevant government decision. In response to this Tuominen Haavisto was removed from office.