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Apple And Foxconn Have Started Testing A Prototype Of AR-Glasses

Apple And Foxconn Have Started Testing A Prototype Of AR-Glasses

The Information has learned that Apple, together with the Taiwanese company Foxconn — its general partner in the production of iPhones — is developing augmented reality glasses. The device with translucent lenses will be announced in 2022, experts predict.

Apple has been rumored to be working on lenses for augmented reality glasses with Foxconn for three years. In May, the development entered the phase of certification testing for compliance with the specified requirements.

This means that the prototyping stage is complete, and the semi-transparent lenses can be tested before starting mass production. However, according to BI, it is at least two years before the glasses are released.

This news is further evidence that Apple is developing augmented reality glasses, which, according to many experts, should become the company's next revolutionary product after the Apple Watch. The glasses are scheduled for release in 2022, and they should be available in 2023, as reported in the past by the Information and Bloomberg.

The first research in the field of augmented reality began at Apple in 2017 when the company introduced ARKit, a platform for developing AR applications for the iPhone and iPad. So far, no AR product has come out of Apple, but the latest iPad Pro has a lidar inserted to create more realistic images in augmented reality.

As you know, Apple never discusses its products before the announcement. But the company's Chief Executive, Tim Cook, has repeatedly spoken about the great potential of augmented reality. So, at the beginning of the year, he called AR the next most important technology ("next big thing"), and its main advantage — in contrast to virtual reality — is that it" does not isolate people", and it can be used to expand the interactivity of the surrounding world.

According to Cook, AR will become an important element of our lives both at work and at home. And it will happen, in his opinion, at the same time.