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Top Managers Of The French Video Game Developer Ubisoft Have Resigned Over The Harassment Scandal

Top Managers Of The French Video Game Developer Ubisoft Have Resigned Over The Harassment Scandal

French video game developer Ubisoft Entertainment SA has announced the resignation of three top managers amid a scandal sparked by allegations of sexual harassment.

In particular, chief creative officer Serge Askoet left the company, whose duties will be temporarily performed by the head and co-founder of the company Yves Guillemot.

"According to reports, Serge Ascoet did not commit sexual harassment," the company told the French newspaper Liberation. "But it made this unhealthy culture possible."

Yannis Malla, managing Director of the company's Canada division, also resigned. "Due to recent allegations that have been made against many employees in Canada, he can no longer work in this position," Ubisoft said in a press release.

The video game developer will start looking for a new head of global human resources to replace Cecile Cornet, who left the post. However, as reported to the newspaper Le Figaro in Ubisoft, Cornet will continue to work in the company.

In addition, Ubisoft plans to restructure and improve its personnel policy. The company intends to hire a consulting firm for this purpose in the near future.

"Ubisoft failed to meet its obligations to provide a safe and inclusive work environment for its employees," said Yves Guillemot, quoted in a press release.

In June, allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior at work against some top managers of Ubisoft appeared on social networks. In early July, Liberation published the results of an investigation in which the newspaper was able to collect testimony from former employees of the company.

Last week, Maxim Belan, Vice President of Ubisoft, resigned. Another Vice-President, Tommy Francois, was suspended while the investigation was underway.

Ubisoft is the fourth-largest video game developer after Activision Blizzard Inc., Electronic Arts Inc.and Nintendo Co.

Ubisoft shares are down 8.9% on Monday.