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The Maldives Has Opened The Borders For Foreign Tourists

The Maldives Has Opened The Borders For Foreign Tourists

The Maldives opens its borders to foreign tourists on July 15, and travelers will not have to submit a coronavirus test or be quarantined, according to the website of the country's Ministry of tourism.

"Before the trip, you will only need to confirm your reservation at a hotel, cruise ship, or resort registered with the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Maldives. All of them will be open for booking from July 15," the report says.

Tourists arriving in the Maldives will not be subjected to any quarantine measures. They will not need to submit negative test results for COVID-19.

"Tourists who plan to visit the Maldives at the first stage will be able to choose one hotel and stay there until the end of the trip. Stay at several resorts at once during this period will be limited," the Ministry reports.

At the same time, travelers with SARS symptoms will have to do a PCR test when crossing the border. Besides, local health authorities can conduct random testing, which will be completely free for guests. All data will be entered into the medical Declaration, which is issued immediately upon entering the country. If a tourist needs the results of a coronavirus test to return home or travel further, it can be done when leaving the country.

In 2019, the Maldives was visited by a record 83.36 thousand travelers from Russia - 17.5% more than a year earlier. Russia ranked sixth in the number of tourists in the country, with China, India, and Italy among the top three.