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Red Bull Replaced Top Managers In The US Amid Internal Disagreements

Red Bull Replaced Top Managers In The US Amid Internal Disagreements

Austria's Red Bull GmbH, the maker of Red Bull energy drinks, has replaced top managers in the US amid internal disagreements over the company's response to the Black Lives Matter movement, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Red Bull said that the Chief Executive of the North American division, Stefan Kozak, and the President and Marketing Director of this business, Amy Taylor, have left the company. Their duties will be temporarily performed by other top managers.

The company did not name the reason for the change of managers, which is reported in an internal mailing list for employees this week.

Taylor has worked on implementing diversity and inclusivity initiatives within the company with Kozak's support for several years, but encountered resistance when she began advocating for the energy drink maker to more actively promote the idea of racial justice last month, the WSJ reported, citing knowledgeable sources.

"We reject racism in any form, we have always done so and always will," the company's Board of Directors said in a statement obtained by the WSJ.

Several companies, including sports Shoe manufacturer Adidas AG and technology giant Facebook Inc., have come under pressure from employees calling on their employers to take a more active position in the fight against racism and promoting cultural diversity amid mass protests sparked by the murder of African-American George Floyd by police on May 25 this year.