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British Parliamentarians Decided To Publish The Russian Report On July 22

British Parliamentarians Decided To Publish The Russian Report On July 22

A report on Russia's alleged influence on British politics will be released next Wednesday, July 22, The Independent reported on Thursday, citing a statement from the House of Commons Security and Intelligence Committee.

This decision was made at the first meeting of the members of the new Committee. "This morning, the Committee unanimously agreed that it will publish a report prepared by its predecessors on Russia before the house of Commons goes on summer vacation," the statement said.

Earlier this week, an influential labor representative in the British Parliament, Keevan Jones, said there was no reason to delay the delayed publication of the so-called Russian report next week.

A parliamentary report on alleged Russian attempts to influence British politics was prepared in November last year, but its publication was repeatedly delayed. For this, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was repeatedly criticized. Johnson reviewed the report in December 2019 and gave the "green light" for its publication.

However, the report was never made public, as the new security and intelligence Committee was not assembled even more than six months after the elections, which were held in December last year. The main work of the Committee is to evaluate the activities of intelligence agencies MI-5 and MI-6 and GCHQ, the UK intelligence services responsible for the conduct of signals intelligence and information security bodies of the government and the army. The Committee reports directly to the Prime Minister, not to Parliament.

Earlier, Johnson insisted that he had no evidence that Russia interfered in British politics.