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The Moldovan Opposition Demanded The Resignation Of The Government

The Moldovan Opposition Demanded The Resignation Of The Government

Deputies from the opposition right-wing parties submitted a draft resolution to the Parliament on a vote of no confidence, suggesting the resignation of the government. According to an Interfax correspondent, the document was signed by 26 deputies from the Platform DA and Action and solidarity (PAS) parties.

Presenting the draft resolution, the leader of the Platform DA faction, Vice-Chairman of the Parliament Alexander Slusar, stressed that "the government led by Ion Kiku repeatedly violated the Constitution, exceeded its powers, tried to replace the Parliament by approving laws contrary to the provisions of the Constitution, which was confirmed by the constitutional court."

In this context, he recalled the court's decision to cancel the agreement on granting Russia a loan of 200 million euros, noting that "otherwise, it would have caused irreparable damage to the sovereignty and national interests of Moldova."

"The government managed the epidemiological and economic situation extremely poorly. This government of ion Kiku has not yet realized the gravity of the situation. The measures proposed by the government are not helping businesses and citizens; they are a shock without therapy. Many industries were on the verge of bankruptcy. Unprofessional actions of the government lead to a deliberate increase in unemployment since the Cabinet of Ministers did not consider it necessary to support entrepreneurs and pay for the unemployment rate. The government does not have a serious anti-crisis plan to save the economy and eliminate the consequences of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, " Slusar said.

The resolution also notes that the government " sabotaged relations with the European Union, which led to the loss of the third tranche of macro-financial assistance in the amount of 40 million euros."

"The government is pursuing an inconsistent foreign policy, devoid of predictability and logic. The Cabinet of Ministers neglects the strategic partnership with the European Union and neighboring countries, focusing exclusively on the Eurasian integration, replaces cooperation with European structures with cooperation with the CIS and the Eurasian Union," the Vice speaker said.

The draft resolution on a vote of no confidence in the government was signed by 26 deputies from two factions. They refused to support the Pro Moldova group and the Shor party, emphasizing their unwillingness to cooperate with deputies who are involved in Bank fraud in Moldova. According to the rules of Parliament, a vote of no confidence in the government should be considered by the Parliament at the first plenary session next week. The government needs 51 votes out of 101 deputies to resign. Currently, the ruling coalition of the party of socialists and the Democratic party has 51 deputies, and the opposition does not have enough votes to dismiss the government. They count on the votes of deputies from the democratic party. However, the PDM leaders have repeatedly stated that they will not support the government's resignation.