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The US Is Thinking About Including The Chinese Platform TikTok In The Blacklist

The US Is Thinking About Including The Chinese Platform TikTok In The Blacklist

The white house continues to study the possibility of including the Chinese video platform TikTok in the "blacklist", which will effectively prohibit Americans from using the popular video application, the Financial Times newspaper reported on Friday, citing knowledgeable sources.

This measure is considered as "one of the options to prevent China from obtaining personal data through the social media platform" to ensure national security, the publication notes.

It writes that this step will seriously hinder the provision of TikTok technologies by American companies.

"The restrictions will apply to software, which means that Apple and other app stores will no longer be able to provide updates through their platforms," the Financial Times said.

One senior us official said that including the platform in the "blacklist" of legal entities "was one of the approaches being discussed." The administration is weighing "how to ensure that China will not be able to obtain the personal data of American citizens."

The official said the White House would decide within a month.

"We are going to send a very strong signal to China," the newspaper quoted its source as saying. He added that the US administration "is aware that TikTok is popular in society, and therefore is looking for ways to allow people to use the app, but in a way that they are protected from leaks to China of personal data."

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo recently said that the US is considering banning the app for security reasons. President Donald Trump has said he is "considering" a ban, saying it would be "retaliation" for China's handling of the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier, trump repeatedly accused China of failing to inform about the appearance of the virus that caused the pandemic, emphasizing that China should be held responsible for this.