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Boeing Has Tested A Group Of Drones In Fully Autonomous Mode

Boeing Has Tested A Group Of Drones In Fully Autonomous Mode

The Australian division of the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing has tested a group of three unmanned aerial vehicles in fully autonomous mode. The purpose of the tests was to test the flight task management system for unmanned vehicles. The tests were considered successful.

Today, Boeing is developing several Autonomous robotic aircraft systems that could operate alone, in a group, or conjunction with manned aircraft. The creation of a flight task management system for UAVs is being carried out within the framework of the ASP project, which involves the creation of onboard equipment under the control of which the devices could independently perform tasks without the participation of an operator.

The flight task management system was tested at the Tara test site in Queensland, Australia. Under the control of the system, three vehicles took off without any participation of the operator, flew along the specified route at a speed of about 200 kilometers per hour, United in a group, and forming several formations, then left the group and made a fully automatic landing. Other details about the tests, Boeing has not yet disclosed.

In early May 2020, the Australian division of Boeing rolled out the first flight sample of the promising unmanned wingman loyal wingman. Currently, the company is conducting ground tests of the device. The promising device will be able to act as an escort for manned combat aircraft. In total, Boeing must assemble and test three loyal Wingman prototypes.