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The Fire Destroyed The Organ At The Cathedral Of Nantes

The Fire Destroyed The Organ At The Cathedral Of Nantes

A fire broke out this morning at the Cathedral of Nantes. According to firefighters, the fire is circumscribed. An investigation is opened after three fire breaks out.

The great organ of the Cathedral of Nantes is totally destroyed, according to the diocesan official, following the fire this morning. Alerted shortly before 8 o'clock, firefighters discovered "a violent fire at the organ located behind the Rose Window, and the action was focused on this hearth," explained the departmental director of firefighters, General Laurent Ferlay. The instrument, which had been spared in the 1972 fire, will not have survived.

The Association of Friends of the organ of Nantes and Loire Atlantique expressed "its deep sadness at such a disaster" on Facebook.

"After being saved from revolutionary plunder by The Organist Joubert. After escaping the fire of 72. How to accept ?" she writes.

The platform on which the organ rested now threatens to collapse. Firefighters are always on-site to secure the building.

Firefighters were alerted at 7:44 this morning of a fire departure in the Cathedral of Nantes. Quickly, a crew arrived on the scene. A total of 104 professionals are mobilized. After two hours, the fire could be "contained" but firefighters will remain mobilized throughout the day to shelter the works of art and secure the building. The platform of the great organ threatens to collapse and could cause additional damage.

"What obviously dominates in Nantes this morning is the sadness because this cathedral is important to all Catholics, Nantes, and far beyond; this is part of our heritage, our history," explained the mayor of Nantes Johanna Rolland on the microphone of BFMTV.

The rector of the Cathedral of Nantes expressed his strong emotion after the fire that broke out in the religious building this morning. "On January 30, 1972, I was in the same square. We only had our eyes to cry," he recalls. "Really already that day, we had felt how much the heart of the Nantais had been reached."

For the mayor of Nantes Johanna Rolland, the fire of the cathedral "does not seem to be comparable" to that of 1972. "I would like to point out that following the fire of 1972, the roof was redone in concrete reinforcement," said for his part the departmental director of firefighters, General Laurent Ferlay in a press briefing. On January 28, 1972, the roof of the Gothic cathedral was ravaged by flames. This time, none of the three fire starts are related to the roof.