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Zuckerberg Criticized The Trump Administration In Connection With The Coronavirus

Zuckerberg Criticized The Trump Administration In Connection With The Coronavirus

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg called ineffective actions of the administration of Donald Trump to combat the coronavirus and proposed to reset, a complete review of policy in this regard, and make the fight against the epidemic a priority, The Hill writes.

He said this in a conversation with the chief infectious diseases specialist of the United States, Anthony Fauci, which was broadcast on Facebook Live. Shortly before this meeting, the social network announced new measures to combat fakes and myths about coronavirus, including limiting the circulation of probably harmful posts and promoting publications from reliable sources.

"It is now clear that the incidence curve in the US is much worse than in many other countries, and that our government and this administration are much less effective in dealing with the situation," the businessman said.

He also criticized administration officials for trying to discredit Fauci. For example, recently, White House economic adviser Peter Navarro wrote in a column for USA Today that Fauci "got it all wrong" and the administration compiled a list of his blunders from the beginning of the pandemic. The list includes comments from the expert that it is not necessary to overestimate the masks that he made at an early stage of the epidemic.

Zuckerberg noted that he sympathized with Fauci in the early stages, when, however, it was already obvious that there would be outbreaks of infection, regardless of what would be done to contain it.

"But now it is July, and I think that the current situation could have been avoided. It is very sad that we still do not have adequate tests, that we have confidence in our most prominent scientists, like you, and in the CDC is undermined and that until recently, some members of the administration publicly doubted the usefulness of the best advice, including about wearing masks," Zuckerberg said.

In the US, a new surge in the spread of coronavirus infection began in the summer. Now the incidence is increasing in most States, leading Arizona, Florida, and California.