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DualSense Gamepad For PlayStation 5 Shown On Video

DualSense Gamepad For PlayStation 5 Shown On Video

The DualSense controller, which will appear with the PlayStation 5, was first announced in April, and a few days ago, insiders showed photos of the new product. Now, Jeff Keely has shown off the new gamepad in a short video. Watch the AMP version of this page if you don't see the video.

And this is even though the console and, accordingly, DualSense, has not yet been released, and publishing companies are just beginning to advertise the new product.

Also worth mentioning that the DualSense controller is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, customizable L2, and R2 triggers with dynamic trigger resistance. There is also a vibration response.

At the moment, it is unclear when exactly the console will be released, but it looks like it will happen in the fall. As for prices, the new product is credited with a price of $500, regardless of the availability of the disk drive. Otherwise, these consoles will be the same.