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Kanye West Started The Election Campaign And Burst Into Tears At The First Performance

Kanye West Started The Election Campaign And Burst Into Tears At The First Performance

American rapper Kanye West, who previously announced his intention to participate in the US presidential election in 2020, officially launched his campaign and held a meeting with voters in Charleston (South Carolina).

He intends to run, according to the documents submitted by him, from the organization BDY-Birthday Party (birthday party/birthday party).

According to the BBC, some fans of West suggest that the event in Charleston and the rapper's erratic performance are part of his PR campaign. For example, it was stated that only registered guests could come to the event, but registration was not opened on the site. There were no microphones in the room, so West had to constantly ask the audience to be quiet to hear the questions.

During a speech in Charleston, 43-year-old West, dressed in a bulletproof vest, touched on the issues of black people and abortion.

He broke down in tears, saying that his parents wanted to have an abortion, and then "there would be no Kanye West in the world because daddy was very busy." The rapper also said that his wife, reality TV star Kim Kardashian initially did not want to give birth to their first child, daughter North, but God appeared to him and dissuaded him from having an abortion.

West stressed that abortions should not be banned, but support should be provided to young mothers in need.

He also suddenly started talking about the famous nineteenth-century abolitionist Harriet Tubman. According to West, she did not free black slaves but simply sent them to work for other whites.

The rapper said that politicians can't "liberate" blacks; this is only possible if they follow the law of God.

When West announced in early July that he was going to run for President in 2020, it was noted that he spoke late because the deadline for registering candidates was out. This year, incumbent President Donald Trump of the Republican party and former Vice President of the Obama administration Joe Biden of the Democratic party are participating in the elections.