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Italian Police Found Cocaine Hidden In Coffee Beans

Italian Police Found Cocaine Hidden In Coffee Beans

Milan police found drugs in a shipment of Colombian coffee. According to the police Facebook page, the attackers opened about 500 coffee beans, filled them with cocaine, and glued them with brown sticky tape. In total, this way, they tried to import about 150 grams of the drug in a parcel.

The report notes that the cargo aroused the suspicions of the police because of the name of the recipient: "Santino D'antonio" is a mafia leader from the Hollywood action movie with Keanu Reeves "John Wick 2."

Police tracked the parcel to its destination-a tobacco store in Florence-and arrested the 50-year-old recipient at the scene.

A similar case occurred in 2019 when Italian police found 644 kg of cocaine in bags of coffee from Honduras. In that case, the drug was simply hidden in bags, not disguised in grains.