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Black Boxes From The Downed Ukrainian Plane In Iran Delivered To Paris

Black Boxes From The Downed Ukrainian Plane In Iran Delivered To Paris

Canadian Foreign Minister Fran├žois-Philippe Champagne confirmed that the "black boxes" of the Ukrainian airliner shot down by mistake by the Iranian military, on board of which all 176 people died in January, arrived in Paris.

"We have received confirmation that the black boxes of Flight #PS752 have arrived in Paris where they are expected to be brought to the @BEA_Aero tomorrow morning for analysis.," champagne tweeted.

Iran yesterday sent the recorder from the downed Ukrainian airliner in January to France to get information from the device, the Associated Press reported on Saturday.

Mohsen Baharvand, an assistant to the Iranian Foreign Minister, said that the "black box" was sent to Paris accompanied by representatives of the Iranian judicial authorities and civil aviation.

He added that the transcription of data from the recorder would take place in Paris on Monday.

The Agency previously explained that Iranian experts were not able to get the necessary special equipment to decrypt the records independently due to the current US sanctions.

Earlier, the French Bureau for investigation and analysis of civil aviation security reported that technical work on decoding the black box records would begin on July 20.

A Boeing 737-800 passenger plane of UIA airlines, which was supposed to perform flight PS752 on the route Tehran - Kyiv, crashed near the Imam Khomeini international airport in Tehran immediately after takeoff in the early morning of January 8. There were 167 passengers and nine crew members on board. They all died. Among the dead - 11 citizens of Ukraine (including nine crew members), 82 citizens of Iran, 63 - Canada, 10 - Sweden, four - Afghanistan, three - Germany, and Great Britain.

On January 11, the Iranian authorities admitted that the Boeing was shot down by mistake by the Iranian military, when they were preparing for a possible counterattack after the shelling of bases with the US military in Iraq, undertaken in response to the murder of the US on January 3 of the Iranian General Qasem Suleimani.