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The Us Will Allocate $38 Million To Ukraine For Cybersecurity

The Us Will Allocate $38 Million To Ukraine For Cybersecurity

The US will support the development of cybersecurity in Ukraine and provide $38 million in international technical assistance, according to Deputy Prime Minister of Digital transformation of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov.

"More than a year of active work - dozens of complex negotiations, coordination of the joint concept and plans – and recently, the project was finally registered in the Cabinet of Ministers. The Ministry of Finance has identified the beneficiary of the project, and I guarantee that every cent of international support will be spent with maximum efficiency and result for the country. And we will publicly report on the progress and costs of the project," the Deputy Prime Minister wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

He stressed that the involvement of the expertise and experience of the United States is very important for Ukraine.

"The confrontation between countries has long passed into cyberspace, and we constantly feel the negative cyber activity of our Northern neighbor, so we must adequately resist such aggression," Fedorov said.

He noted that such a large project is another signal of confidence in the results and plans of the Ministry of Finance.

"We plan to actively work with businesses and attract the best international and Ukrainian expertise for all cyber surveys. Along the way, I thank the US government and the USAID Foundation for supporting reforms in Ukraine," Fedorov wrote.

The Minister of digital transformation recalled that an active phase of cybersecurity reform has started in Ukraine. In particular, the leadership of the state communications Service has been changed, and the development of an effective and modern state cyber Center has begun.

"We strive to ensure the centralization and protection of the state IT infrastructure and registries. Should go into oblivion KSZI (a useless piece of paper for five years) and other security standards of the '90s, instead should appear modern models for building and constantly supporting the security of IT systems," - said Fedorov. In his opinion, the new project, in cooperation with the United States, will support all these tasks.