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Elton John's Ex-Wife Wants To Sue Him For $3.8 Million

Elton John's Ex-Wife Wants To Sue Him For $3.8 Million

The ex-wife of British singer and songwriter Elton John has filed a lawsuit against him, seeking large compensation for violating the divorce agreement that the couple entered into in 1988. Renata Blauel believes that the recently released autobiography of the singer and the film dedicated to his career "Rocketman" (Rocketman, 2019) told too much about their married life.

When they divorced, Elton John and Blauel pledged not to discuss their completed marriage publicly and not to disclose the reasons that led to their separation. According to the woman's lawyers, the singer "repeatedly maliciously violated" this clause of the divorce agreement, and the book and film strongly distorted many events of that time.

"As a result of these actions, [Blauel's] right to a private and independent life was violated. She and this marriage became the subject of discussion and close interest from the press, " - said in a statement filed by the plaintiff in court. Her lawyers say that their client is primarily seeking a court order to protect privacy, and the claim for financial compensation is only secondary.

Elton John married in 1984 in Australia on Valentine's day, shocking his friends and fans around the world. By then, he was openly admitting that he was at least bisexual. The musician met Blauel in 1983 when She was working on one of his albums as a sound engineer, and they soon became very close friends.

In his book Me ("I"), which was released last fall, the singer admits that he proposed to her while drunk, but later became obsessed with the idea of a wedding. The performer, who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction in the mid-80s, believed that "marriage will magically solve all the problems" in his life, put an end to casual relationships and make him happy. As follows from the book and the film, these hopes were not fulfilled, and the couple did not manage to remain friends after the divorce. Subsequently, Elton John repeatedly complained in interviews that Blauel almost stopped communicating with him.


"I broke the heart of a man I loved, who had unconditional love for me, and whom I can't blame for anything," the singer's autobiography says. "For many years, when something happened to me, and journalists appeared on her doorstep in the hope that she would throw mud at me, she never did so and told them to leave her alone."

Trying to escape the constant attention of the press, in 2001, Blauel changed her name and appearance and moved to a provincial English town. According to representatives of the former wife of Elton John, the divorce turned out to be a serious mental disorder for her, whose symptoms returned after the release of "Rocketman."

According to them, the former spouse did not ask for her permission, agreeing to include the story of their marriage in the film and book, and refused to make adjustments to the text of the autobiography, when it was already preparing for release.

In 1988, Elton John publicly admitted to being gay. After same-sex marriage was allowed in England in 2014, he legalized his long-term relationship with Canadian film Director David Furnish. The couple has two sons (7 and 9 years old), born with the help of a surrogate mother and an anonymous egg donor.