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A Few Seconds Before The Launch, The Launch Of A Privately Developed Rocket Was Canceled In Japan

A Few Seconds Before The Launch, The Launch Of A Privately Developed Rocket Was Canceled In Japan

The automatic cancellation of the launch of the MOMO rocket by the private Japanese company Interstellar Technologies occurred on Sunday a few seconds before launch. The failed launch was broadcast on the company's official website.

It was originally planned to launch the rocket in mid-July, but due to adverse conditions and technical failures, the launch was postponed several times. The start time on Sunday was also changed three times due to adverse weather conditions. A few minutes before the expected launch, the automatic cancellation system triggered, which detected a malfunction in the main engine of the rocket. A new launch date will be announced later.

Interstellar Technologies last launched a self-developed rocket on June 14. Then the device started successfully, but a few minutes after the launch, it collapsed in the air.

The length of the rocket is 10 m, the diameter is 50 cm, and the weight is about a ton. This time, as in the past, Interstellar Technologies raised money for the launch using a crowdfunding platform. Several sponsor companies were able to advertise their products unusually in exchange for the invested funds. So, this time onboard the rocket was a bottle of sake and coffee beans of the elite variety Panama Gesha from producers who were already sponsors of the Japanese company.

The cost of the project, according to some estimates, is about 50 million yen ($445 thousand). Interstellar Technologies hopes to establish commercial production of compact rockets designed to launch ultra-small satellites into orbit.

Three of the four launches of the Japanese startup ended in failures due to various technical failures, but in May last year, the rocket, as planned, went into outer space and reached an altitude of 113 km.