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Gallup: Germany Has Maintained Its Leadership Among The World's Leading Powers In 2019

Gallup: Germany Has Maintained Its Leadership Among The World's Leading Powers In 2019

For the third year in a row, Germany ranks first in the ranking of the world's leading powers, more than ten percentage points ahead of the United States, according to the results of a survey by the American Institute for public opinion research Gallup.

According to its data, Germany's confidence rating in 2019 was 44%, which is four percentage points higher than in 2018.

At the same time, the US approval rating was 33% in 2019, which is just one percentage point higher than China's rating (32%) and three percentage points higher than Russia's (30%).

It's worth mentioning that the US approval rating is the lowest among the allied countries in Europe, where 61% do not approve of the activities of the American leadership, and the approval rating is only 24%.

The only continent where the US has maintained an approval rating is Africa – 52% of the continent's residents have a positive opinion of this country.

The Gallup survey was conducted in 135 countries last year.

According to one of the leaders of Gallup, Mohammed Younis, the global status of Washington could be affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

"The image of the US leadership could suffer as the world watches as the US States and the Federal government fight the spread of infection," the Guardian quoted Younis as saying.

Meanwhile, the Guardian notes that the results of the survey contradict the statements of US President Donald Trump. He claimed that during his presidency, the country had once again become respected throughout the world. It's worth noting that with the arrival of the Trump administration, the country's approval rating has fallen by 18%.

According to the publication, the US occupied the leading position in the ranking of the world's leading States during the administration of former President Barack Obama, except for 2011, when the US took second place in the list with a small margin over Germany.