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Trump Caught In A Mercenary Plan To Give $1.8 Billion To Repair The FBI Building

Trump Caught In A Mercenary Plan To Give $1.8 Billion To Repair The FBI Building

US President Donald Trump in self-interest insisted on including in the bill to help the economy in the context of the coronavirus pandemic appropriations of $1.75 billion to repair the headquarters of the FBI, said the Democrat and speaker of the house of representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi.

As the Hill reports, Democrats suspect Trump that he thus wants to prevent the FBI from moving from its current headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue. Otherwise, the Democrats believe, a hotel may appear on the vacant site, which will compete with the trump international Hotel located almost opposite the institution.

"They don't have money for food stamps, but they do have money for the FBI building to eliminate competition for the presidential hotel," Pelosi said after meeting the day before with us Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House chief of staff mark meadows.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, supported the charges. "They can get $2 billion for the FBI headquarters, which benefits Trump, but they say there is no money for food aid. What the hell is going on?" - the Hill quotes Schumer.

In turn, the leader of the Senate majority, Republican Mitch McConnell, told reporters that he was not aware of the funds for repairing the FBI building and redirected this question to the White house.

Mark meadows previously reported that the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Senate reached an "agreement in principle" on the next bill to help the economy in the face of a coronavirus pandemic.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin clarified that the aid package offered by Republicans includes "urgent and priority measures" and is estimated at $1 trillion. He expressed hope that the legislative proposal will receive the support of both parties.

Once passed by the Senate, the bill must be approved by the entire Congress and signed by Trump. In the spring of 2020, $3 trillion has already been allocated to support the country's economy.