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A Law On The Regulation Of Social Networks Adopted In Turkey

A Law On The Regulation Of Social Networks Adopted In Turkey

The Turkish Parliament has adopted a law on regulating the work of social networks in the country, obliges their owners to block prohibited information, and sets penalties for violations, Anadolu reports.

The law was supported by both the ruling Justice and Development Party and the opposition nationalist movement Party.

The new law introduces a definition of the concept of a social network and the organization that manages it, as well as prescribes the responsibilities of this organization, including blocking prohibited content, observing freedom of speech, and storing user data.

In particular, a social network whose provider is located abroad and which is used by more than 1 million people every day in Turkey must have at least one representative in Turkey. If it is not a legal entity, but an individual, then it must be a Turkish citizen. The company will have 30 days to determine this representative. If it does not notify Ankara of the appointment of such a representative within this period, it will face a fine. If a representative is not appointed within 60 days, the social network may be blocked.