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A Thousand Children Of Surrogate Mothers Stuck In Russia

A Thousand Children Of Surrogate Mothers Stuck In Russia

About 1 thousand babies born to surrogate mothers in Russia cannot leave the country due to closed borders due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, The Guardian writes, citing the results of its own investigation.

"Children, some of whom were born in February, receive care, mainly from hired nannies in rented apartments in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities," the newspaper notes.

Children born to surrogate mothers are usually given to their parents a few days after they are born, but due to the pandemic, some parents have had to ask surrogate mothers to take care of their children.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the presidential Council for human rights Irina Kirkora, quoted by the publication, since February 2020, 180 families from China have had children born to surrogate mothers from Russia. Also, children born in Russia are waiting for their families in Singapore, France, Argentina, Australia, and the Philippines. According to Kirkora's estimates, we are talking about 1 thousand children, according to the center that provides such services in St. Petersburg, at least 600 children.

"This is a problem that requires an urgent solution. These children are growing up, they need their parents," the newspaper quotes her as saying.

The article notes that in social media chats, the biological parents of such children record special video messages calling on Russia to issue them special visas so that they can take their children home. In these video messages, they tell their stories of infertility, failed attempts to get pregnant, and bouts of depression due to the inability to take the child and spend the first months of his life with him.