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Vladimir Jabbarov: Russia Will Continue To Trade With Iran, Despite The Expansion Of US Sanctions

Vladimir Jabbarov: Russia Will Continue To Trade With Iran, Despite The Expansion Of US Sanctions

Russia will continue to cooperate with Iran without regard for US sanctions, said Vladimir Jabbarov, first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council's International Affairs Committee.

"If it is profitable for us to trade and cooperate with this country, we should do it, regardless of the Americans," Jabbarov told Interfax on Friday.

He believes that "we do not need to look back at the Americans: they impose sanctions against Iran today, and against us tomorrow, without looking back at how we behave." According to Jabbarov, " we must have our interests."

"Moreover, I believe that the Americans should never again be supported in the UN Security Council on the imposition of sanctions because it turns into permissiveness sooner or later," the Senator said.

He noted that "in General, these sanctions are easily bypassed by same Iran, but tensions are increasing in relations and the world in general."

In turn, the head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Leonid Slutsky, also said that Russia would continue to cooperate with Tehran, despite the expansion of sanctions by Washington.

"As for Russia, I am sure that the" sanctions club "of the United States will not exactly tell us who to partner with, and who to stop," Slutsky told reporters on Friday. According to him, "Tehran is actively provoked to take drastic actions."

"The European partners in the Iran nuclear deal need to more resolutely resist such tactics, as is happening in the situation around the SP-2 (Nord stream-2-if). The United States does not have the right to impose extraterritorial restrictions on States that cooperate with Iran. And everyone else, " the MP said.

Earlier it was reported that the US State Department is expanding sanctions against Iran, imposing restrictions on the import of 22 types of metals and materials that can be used for the Islamic Republic's nuclear, missile and military programs.

"Those who knowingly transmit such material to Iran are now subject to sanctions under Article 1245 of the Iranian Freedom and Counter-Proliferation Act, "Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said in a statement posted on the state Department's website.