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US Senators Proposed A Bill On Military Assistance To Kyiv In $300 Million

US Senators Proposed A Bill On Military Assistance To Kyiv In $300 Million

A group of us senators representing both parties on the Foreign Affairs Committee has prepared a bill on the annual allocation of $300 million in military aid to Ukraine, including the supply of lethal weapons.

"This bill demonstrates to Ukraine and Russia that the United States will support its friend throughout the democratic transition period and protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. This bill will strengthen the defense capability of Ukraine through military training and equipment, as well as strengthen diplomatic support from the United States and Europe," Republican Jim rich said at the Committee meeting.

Democrat Jean Shaheen said that " the Kremlin's malicious behavior towards the US and our transatlantic partners has not abated, which is why ensuring our partners in the region can resist this aggression on the front line is so important."

In addition to financial assistance, the bill also provides for a report from the administration on the United States' diplomatic support to Ukraine over the next five years, as well as a report from the Pentagon and the State Department on the capabilities and needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and a plan for the delivery of American security assistance to Ukraine.

The document recommends that the state Department form a working group on Ukraine together with its European allies and appoint a special envoy for Ukraine as the US representative at the Normandy format peace talks, as well as promote dialogue between the black sea countries.