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Iran Agreed To Pay Compensation To Ukraine For The Downed Boeing

Iran Agreed To Pay Compensation To Ukraine For The Downed Boeing

Iran has agreed to pay compensation to Kyiv for the downed in January of this year by mistake passenger liner "International Airlines of Ukraine" (UIA), IRNA quotes the words of the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Abbas Mousavi.

At the same time, Mousavi noted that there are "various technical and legal aspects" in the issue of payments, and added that negotiations are continuing.

Also, the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry recalled that among the passengers of the downed "Boeing" were not only citizens of Ukraine, but also his compatriots.

As reported on Thursday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, in Kyiv began bilateral negotiations on compensation.

"We have been pushing for a long time to start the negotiation process, and I welcome that the case has finally moved forward," he said in a video message posted on Facebook on Thursday.

Kuleba noted that "the process will not be easy, but we are working for the result: achieving justice."

"The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry will make every effort to ensure maximum compensation. This will at least slightly ease the pain and grief of relatives, in which they have been living for more than six months. We will achieve justice, no matter how much time and effort it costs, " the Minister said.

At the end of July, the" black boxes "of the UIA plane were delivered to Paris and decrypted. Iran was accused of delaying the transfer of flight recorders for decoding. Tehran, explaining the delay, referred to the coronavirus pandemic.

A Boeing 737-800 passenger plane of Ukraine International Airlines, which was supposed to fly on the route Tehran-Kyiv, was shot down near the Imam Khomeini international airport in Tehran immediately after takeoff in the early morning of January 8. There were 167 passengers and nine crew members on board. They all died. Among the dead - 11 citizens of Ukraine (including nine crew members), 82 citizens of Iran, 63 - Canada, 10 - Sweden, four - Afghanistan, three - Germany, and Great Britain. The Iranian authorities admitted on January 11 that the Boeing was shot down by mistake by the Iranian military.

Later, the Commander of the aerospace forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Amir Ali Hajizadeh, said that he takes full responsibility for the crash of the Ukrainian plane.