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Nord Stream 2: Gazprom Decided In Court To Get From Poland The Justification For The Request And The Fine

Nord Stream 2: Gazprom Decided In Court To Get From Poland The Justification For The Request And The Fine

The Polish antitrust regulator UOKiK, in the course of an antitrust investigation initiated against the Nord Stream 2 projects, requested information from Gazprom that had "no connection with the subject of the antitrust investigation," the Gazprom information Department told reporters.

Earlier on Monday, UOKiK said it had fined Gazprom for not cooperating with its investigation into the Nord Stream 2 project for 213 million zlotys ($57 million, or 50 million euros).

UOKiK demanded that Gazprom provide contracts signed by Nord Stream 2 AG with other companies that Finance the construction of the gas pipeline, contracts for the transfer, distribution, sale, supply, and storage of gas, the Polish side said in a statement.

Gazprom has noticed: "It is important to note that the information requested by the Polish Antimonopoly authority had no connection with the subject of the Antimonopoly investigation. Earlier, PJSC Gazprom, in its response, asked UOKiK to justify the legality of the request for relevant information, but did not receive such justification."

"After completing the study of The official UOKiK decision, Gazprom PJSC will take measures to protect its interests, including appealing the decision in court, where UOKiK will need to prove the validity of its position. In case of a court appeal against the fine, it will not be subject to the collection until the relevant court decision comes into force," Gazprom said.

Earlier, UOKiK fined French Engie 172 million zlotys for the same reason. At the same time, the Polish side assures that "the other four companies cooperate and transmit the documents and information requested by UOKiK."

UOKiK actually blocked the creation of a joint venture for the construction of Nord Stream 2, as in the case of the construction of Nord Stream 1. As a result, the pipeline is being built by Gazprom's 100% subsidiary Nord Stream 2 AG, and European partners are financing the project as creditors. In response to the new format of the project organization, the Polish Antimonopoly Authority initiated a new investigation in 2018, believing that, in this way, the consortium members violated the antitrust law.