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Joe Biden Postponed The Announcement Of His Vice Presidential Candidate

Joe Biden Postponed The Announcement Of His Vice Presidential Candidate

Joe Biden, who is expected to officially become the Democratic presidential candidate in August, has postponed the announcement of who will become Vice President if he wins, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

According to the publication, this decision came amid concerns from Biden's allies that the process of choosing a Vice President has become "less facetious," as it has increased the fight between women, especially African-American women who hope to join the White House team.

Biden initially told reporters that he was going to announce his choice this week.

The Hill notes that one of the candidates under consideration is African-American Congresswoman Karen Bass. Many members of the house of representatives have already contacted Biden to say that they would consider such a choice of a Vice-presidential candidate to be correct. Among the advantages of Bass is that although she often adheres to quite radical left-wing views, this does not scare off more moderate Democrats as much as in the case of other possible candidates.

Over the weekend, several Republican congressmen criticized Bass for speaking warmly of the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro a few years ago.

However, Bass is far from the only option being considered by Biden's staff. So, in the media, contenders for the role of Vice-presidential candidate are called well-known left-wing views of Congresswoman Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Tammy Duckworth, as well as former US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice. Harris and rice are African-American, while Duckworth has Asian roots. Warren is a white American, but in the past has often claimed that some of her ancestors are native Americans. In the end, this created a scandal, as it turned out that the proportion of Indian blood in Warren is negligible. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, then ironically started to call her Pocahontas in honor of the famous Indian Princess.

Biden himself said that he aimed to choose a woman as a candidate for Vice President. It was also reported that many in the Democratic party are putting pressure on him to get Biden to choose an African-American woman.