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China Daily Called The Microsoft And TikTok Deal A Theft

China Daily Called The Microsoft And TikTok Deal A Theft

China will take retaliatory measures in response to attempts to force a Chinese company in the US, ByteDance, to sell Its TikTok app to Microsoft, the Chinese English-language newspaper China Daily wrote on Tuesday, calling the alleged deal "theft."

The United States '"bullying" of Chinese technology companies is a consequence of Washington's vision of its slogan "America first" and leaves China with no choice but to "submit or fight to the death in the field of technology," the newspaper said in an editorial.

China has "many ways to respond if the US administration carries out its planned rout and takeover" of the Chinese company, the newspaper said.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House that the TikTok app will be discontinued in the US if It is not sold to an American company by September 15.

"We have set a date-around September 15, (the TikTok app) will then stop working in the US. But if Microsoft or someone else buys it, it would be interesting," the US President said, noting that part of the funds from the sale of the app should go to the US Treasury.

Earlier, the American TV channel FOX Business reported that Microsoft was considering buying an app for social networks TikTok. Executives representing TikTok are in talks with the White House to prevent the administration of US President Donald Trump from completely banning the app.

Informed interlocutors told the TV channel that Microsoft has not yet made a final decision on the purchase of the American business TikTok. According to them, even after receiving approval from the White House for the purchase, the decision can be changed.

According to them, the sale must meet strict conditions, according to which the Chinese will not have anything to do with the new company.

In the US, some officials have suggested that the company, which has a database of one billion users, may be linked to the Chinese authorities and used to collect data for Beijing.

TikTok has repeatedly denied links to the Chinese government.