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Trump Is Not Sure If The Beirut Bombings Were An Accident

Trump Is Not Sure If The Beirut Bombings Were An Accident

US authorities are studying the situation with the explosions in the port of Beirut and do not yet know what caused them, but rule out a version of the attack, said US President Donald Trump.

"Whatever it is, it's terrible. But they (the Lebanese authorities) don't know what happened. No one knows yet," Trump said during a press conference at the White house.

"We are very actively dealing with this," the President added.

At the same time, Trump noted that perhaps "someone left (in the area of the explosion site) terrible explosive devices, some things." He added that he still does not rule out that the tragic incident in Beirut was the result of someone's attack and not an accident.

The day before, Trump said that he does not rule out that the series of explosions in Beirut is not an accident. He explained that he had spoken to the US military on this topic, and they, after watching the video of the explosion, suggested that it could be an attack. At the same time, investigators in Lebanon, as reported, are still inclined to believe that the cause of the tragedy is the negligence of port workers.

A series of powerful explosions occurred on August 4 in the port area of Beirut. At the moment, more than 130 people are reported dead and about 5 thousand injured as a result of the disaster. 300,000 citizens were left homeless. The damage from the explosion is estimated at least $3 billion.

The blast wave destroyed a huge number of buildings, shattered windows, and doors. The building of the international airport was damaged. The explosion was felt even in Cyprus.

The Lebanese authorities said that the cause of the powerful explosions in the port area of Beirut was 2,750 tons of stored ammonium nitrate, confiscated by customs six years ago.

Lebanon's Supreme Defense Council declared Beirut a disaster zone and recommended that the Cabinet declare a two-week state of emergency in the capital.