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Trump Signed An Executive Order To Eliminate The Threat From Chinese WeChat

Trump Signed An Executive Order To Eliminate The Threat From Chinese WeChat

US President Donald Trump signed an Executive order aimed at eliminating the threat posed by the mobile app from China - WeChat.

"To protect our nation, I have taken measures to eliminate the threat from a single mobile app - TikTok. Further action is needed to address a similar threat posed by another mobile app, WeChat," the Executive order issued by the White House said.

It is noted that just like TikTok, WeChat automatically captures huge amounts of information from its users.

"This data collection threatens to give the Chinese Communist party access to the personal and private information of Americans. Besides, the app captures the personal and business information of Chinese citizens visiting the United States, thereby providing the Chinese Communist party with a mechanism to track Chinese citizens...," the decree States.

Therefore, the President of the United States prohibits, after 45 days from the date of publication of this document, any transactions with Tencent Holdings related to WeChat by any person or in respect of any property under the jurisdiction of the United States.

Earlier, the American President signed a decree prohibiting any transactions with ByteDance Ltd., the owner of the TikTok app, after 45 days.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo previously promised that trump would soon take action against Chinese software companies that transmit data directly to Beijing, posing a threat to US national security.

"President Trump said 'enough is enough' and we are going to fix this situation. Therefore, it will take action in the coming days against a wide range of national security risks that are software associated with the Chinese Communist Party," Pompeo said on Fox News.

White House chief of staff mark meadows also said that the administration is considering measures against Chinese apps TikTok, WeChat, and others that could be taken in the coming weeks.