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Western Europe Is Preparing For An Abnormal Heatwave

Western Europe Is Preparing For An Abnormal Heatwave

Several countries in Western Europe will face extremely hot weather in the coming days, according to European media.

French weather services expect the heat to peak later on Friday. In more than 40 departments, an increased level of danger has been declared.

Temperatures in some areas in Western France are expected to rise to 42 degrees Celsius on August 7. In Paris and the capital region, the air will warm up to 35 degrees Celsius.

In England, Friday is expected to be the hottest day of the year. Meteorologists do not rule out that the record for the entire history of observations of 38.7 degrees Celsius, set in July 2019, maybe broken.

On the weekend, the heat will hit Belgium, where on Sunday, August 9, the temperature in some parts of the country will rise by 14 degrees above the average for August.

In the Netherlands, in particular, in Amsterdam, it is expected to reach 32 degrees Celsius on the weekend.

Meanwhile, European countries continue to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic. In the past few days, some of them have recorded record-high rates of new COVID-19 cases since the restrictions were lifted. At the same time, due to the heat, many citizens pay less attention to measures for social distancing. In particular, this problem occurs on beaches.

In total, according to the Worldometers portal, 2.9 million cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Europe during the pandemic. More than 205 thousand patients died.