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US Justice Department Demanded The Confiscation Of Real Estate Belonging To Kolomoisky (Privatbank) For $70 Million

US Justice Department Demanded The Confiscation Of Real Estate Belonging To Kolomoisky (Privatbank) For $70 Million

On August 6, the US Justice Department filed two civil lawsuits for the confiscation of property in the District Court of the southern district of Florida, claiming that commercial real estate in Louisville (Kentucky) and Dallas (Texas) was purchased using illegally appropriated funds from Ukrainian PrivatBank.

"The complaints allege that Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov, who owned PrivatBank, embezzled and robbed the Bank of billions of dollars. Both received fraudulent loans and credit lines from approximately 2008 to 2016, when the scheme was uncovered, and the Bank was nationalized," the US Justice Department said in a press release.

According to the document, the former owners of PrivatBank are accused of laundering part of the criminal proceeds using accounts of shell companies, primarily in the Cyprus branch of PrivatBank, before they transferred funds to the United States to buy assets there. The lawsuit alleges that the loans were rarely paid.

Suspicions were also raised about the accomplices of Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov-Mordechai Korf and Uriel Laber, who created a network of companies, whose name was usually used Optima, to further launder the appropriated funds and invest them. "They purchased hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of real estate and businesses across the country, including properties subject to forfeiture: an office tower in Louisville known as PNC Plaza, and an office Park in Dallas known as the former CompuCom headquarters. The total cost of the buildings is about $70 million, " the release says.

According to it, the FBI unit in Cleveland is investigating the case with the support of the FBI's international corruption division, the IRS criminal investigation division and the US customs and border protection Service, and the Justice Department's Office of International Affairs has provided significant assistance in the investigation.

In may 2018, PrivatBank initiated legal proceedings in the Chancery Court of Delaware against Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov, as well as other individuals and legal entities. Among the defendants, among others, Optima Acquisitions, Optima Group, Optima Ventures, Optima 55 Public Square, Optima One Cleveland Center, Optima 1375, Optima 1375 II, Optima 1300, Optima 777, Optima Stemmons, Optima 7171, Optima 500, Optima 925 (all in the form of LLC) and Optima International of Miami, Inc.

Besides, the press service of PrivatBank informed that the Bank has filed two amended statements of claim for the relevant court proceedings, and also clarified that the amount of dubious transactions stated in the claim, including the additions, is about $750 million.