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Mark Esper Explained The Relocation Of American Troops In Europe

Mark Esper Explained The Relocation Of American Troops In Europe

The withdrawal of part of the US troops from Germany and their relocation, in the end, aims to strengthen the deterrence of Russia, said US Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

"We are moving more troops to the East, closer to the borders with Russia," Esper told Fox News.

Thus, according to him, the relocation is aimed at "strengthening Russia's deterrence and strengthening the Alliance (NATO)."

Esper said that in total, the United States would withdraw from Germany 12 thousand of its military personnel, a significant part of it will be returned to their homeland, some moved to Italy and Belgium.

The Minister noted that the majority of NATO allies supported this decision, previously made by US President Donald Trump.

Earlier, he said that Romania and the Baltic States could be strengthened by transferring US troops from Germany.

"We are putting more rotational forces in the black sea region, particularly in Romania," Esper said in a virtual speech at a security forum at the Aspen Institute think tank.

The Pentagon also wants to send more forces to the Baltics and Poland, he said.

Meanwhile, when Esper says that the reduction of troops in Germany is aimed at activating "strategic flexibility," Trump claimed that it is about "punishing" Berlin for not allocating enough funds for defense purposes.