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More Than 700 People Were Injured In Anti-Government Protests In Beirut

More Than 700 People Were Injured In Anti-Government Protests In Beirut

During anti-government protests in the capital of Lebanon, 728 people were injured, and one police officer was killed, according to Arab media from the scene.

Thousands of citizens took to the streets of Beirut and took part in demonstrations against the government, which did not take measures to prevent the explosion in the port of 2.75 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate, which killed almost 160 people. Six thousand people were injured, and more than 300 thousand people lost their homes.

Protesters stormed the buildings of the ministries of Foreign Affairs Economy, Energy, and Environment of Lebanon, as well as the building of the Banking Association, the Lebanese state news agency NNA, reported on Saturday.

The army forced out a group of protesters who seized the foreign Ministry building that was damaged by the explosion. The demonstrators, led by retired army officers, broke into the building and declared it the "headquarters of the revolution".

As reported by French media, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced a proposal to organize early parliamentary elections in the country.

"Only early elections can overcome the structural crisis," he said, speaking on Lebanese television. At the same time, several members of Parliament have already announced their resignations, thus making it clear that they support the idea of elections.

At the same time, the US government supports the right of Lebanese demonstrators to peaceful protest and urges all participants to refrain from violence, the US Embassy in Beirut said in a statement.

The Embassy also said in a tweet that the Lebanese people "deserve to have leaders who will listen to them and change course to respond to popular demands for transparency and accountability."