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Kiribati Will Raise Islands Due To Rising Ocean Levels

Kiribati Will Raise Islands Due To Rising Ocean Levels

The authorities of the Pacific state of Kiribati plan to raise the Islands as part of the fight against rising ocean levels, the British newspaper The Guardian reported on Monday, citing the country's President Taneti Maamau.

"There are already plans to raise Tarawa Atoll, which is the capital of the island state of the same name. This will be done using material from the lagoon. Kiribati's 20-year development strategy includes a plan to acquire dredgers (vessels used to dredge the bottom of reservoirs - if) that will help in this effort," Maamau said.

He added that Kiribati was working with the Institute for water and atmospheric research in New Zealand to develop a strategy to protect the Pacific nation's coastal areas. According to Maumau, the strategy is still under development, but it is clearly stated that the lifting of the Islands is the way forward in the fight against climate change.

According to the newspaper, Professor Paul Kench from Simon Fraser University in Canada advised the President of Kiribati to solve the problem of flooding in Tarawa by replacing the dam, the erosion of which can cause erosion, on a high bridge road that will run through the entire Atoll. It is assumed that this project can be financed by China, which already has experience in building similar facilities.