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The WHO Declared That They Expect Russia To Guarantee The Safety Of The New Vaccine

The WHO Declared That They Expect Russia To Guarantee The Safety Of The New Vaccine

The Russian authorities have applied to the World Health Organization (WHO) for possible prequalification of the COVID-19 vaccine developed in the country. However, the organization is waiting for additional data on this development and guarantees of the safety of the new drug, the WHO representative office in Russia said.

"Who prequalification of any vaccine involves a thorough review and evaluation of all necessary safety and efficacy data obtained during a clinical trial," the who technical experts said in a comment received by Interfax.

At the same time, the WHO experts stressed that accelerated development of the vaccine should be carried out following established procedures for each stage of drug development, "to ensure that any vaccine that eventually begins to be produced is safe and effective."

"Who expects to receive details and all related data related to the development of this vaccine," the Russian representative of the international organization said.

At the same time, they noted that "any final vaccine will be a public good on a global scale, and who calls for rapid, fair and equal access to coronavirus vaccines around the world under the principle of "no one should be left behind." "Solidarity is the key in this process," the WHO said.

At the same time, the organization noted that they welcome the fact of registration of the vaccine in the medical register of the Russian Federation, as well as all progress in the development of the drug.

The world health organization recalled that "starting in January 2020, who at the global level directs and accelerates the process of developing a vaccine."

"As the pandemic threatens the lives of people and the economies of countries, it is important to continue to invest in the development of medicines and vaccines, as well as to accelerate such development, which will help to reduce the level of transmission of the disease, reduce the number of cases and deaths," the organization said. "But accelerated development cannot and should not come at the expense of safety," the WHO experts emphasize.

Russian vaccine against coronavirus

On Tuesday, August 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia registered the world's first vaccine against coronavirus infection. It was developed at the Institute. Gamalei drug, as it was announced at the meeting, will be at the pharmaceutical plant "Binnofarm "in Zelenograd (part of the AFC"System").

The development and production of the vaccine drug are funded by the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF). The Ministry of health States that the vaccine is safe. Putin said that one of his daughters was successfully vaccinated with the vaccine.

Russian health Minister Mikhail Murashko assured of the safety of the Russian vaccine. According to him, the drug will be released in the next two weeks. Alexander Ginzburg, Director of the Gamalei Center, said that all of Russia plans to provide the vaccine within a year.