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Apple Has Decided To Combine Several Services In The Apple One Service Package

Apple Has Decided To Combine Several Services In The Apple One Service Package

Apple plans to introduce several service packages that will allow its customers to subscribe to several digital services at once while saving on monthly payments, Bloomberg reports, citing knowledgeable sources.

According to them, Apple will announce the program, which is called Apple One, in early October, when the next line of iPhones will be presented.

The introduction of service packages is expected to encourage Apple customers to use more of the company's services, which should have a positive impact on its revenue.

According to sources, Apple plans several levels of service packages. The basic package will include Apple Music and Apple TV+ services, and the more expensive options will include Apple Arcade game service, Apple News+, as well as an expanded iCloud cloud storage.

The price of the service package will be lower than the total cost of accessing the services individually. It is assumed that the savings for users will be from $2 to $5 per month.

According to sources, Apple is also preparing a new subscription to the virtual fitness service, which can be used both with the iPhone and iPad and via Apple TV. This service is likely to be included in the most expensive package, along with other Apple services.

The service packages being prepared by the company are expected to have a family access function, according to which up to 6 people can use all the services within a single package.

Apple shares are up 2.3% in Thursday trading. Since the beginning of the year, they have risen by 57.5%.