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Thousands Of People Came To The Scene Of The Death Of A Protest Participant In Minsk

Thousands Of People Came To The Scene Of The Death Of A Protest Participant In Minsk

On Saturday, people in Minsk say goodbye to Alexander Taraykovsky, who died on the night of August 11 during a protest during a clash with law enforcement officers.

Alexander's family and friends, as well as several hundred sympathizers, gathered in the funeral hall on Olshevsky street in Minsk. At the same time, the majority of people - visually several thousand - did not come to the funeral hall, but to the place where Taraykovsky died at the Pushkinskaya metro station, as his family asked.

People honored his memory with a minute of silence, leaving flowers, balloons, lamps, and portraits there. Those gathered form a chain along the surrounding streets. Law enforcement officers do not interfere with the action.

As it was reported, on Monday evening in the area of "Pushkinskaya" there were clashes between protesters and riot police. Law enforcement agencies used special equipment, in particular, stun grenades, to disperse the attack.

According to the Belarusian Interior Ministry, "during the confrontation with special forces, one of the protesters tried to throw an unidentified explosive device" towards law enforcement officers, and it exploded in the hands of an activist, from which he died.

However, according to Taraykovsky's civil wife, the death certificate indicates that the primary cause of his death is an open chest wound.

Tartakovsky was 34 years old. He left a three-year-old daughter.

Since August 11, Minsk residents have been constantly bringing flowers to the place where a participant died. Flowers are hung on a metal fence that separates the roadway from the pedestrian zone.