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Russian SU-27 Raised To "Intercept" Italian Aircraft In The Black Sea

Russian SU-27 Raised To "Intercept" Italian Aircraft In The Black Sea

A Russian SU-27 fighter jet "intercepted" an Italian patrol plane over the Black Sea on Sunday, the Russian national defense control center said.

As stated in the message of the Russian military, received by Interfax, on August 16, Russian means of controlling the airspace over the neutral waters of the Black sea "detected an air target approaching the state border of the Russian Federation." It is noted that for its identification and identification in the air was raised SU-27SM from the air defense duty of the forces of the southern military district.

According to the center, "the crew of a Russian fighter jet approached the air object at a safe distance and identified it as an aircraft of the Italian Navy's Atlantic base patrol aircraft."

The report notes that after the turn of the Italian Navy aircraft from the borders of the Russian Federation, the Russian fighter returned safely to the home airfield.

The defense control center reported that the entire flight of the su-27SM took place strictly in accordance with international rules for the use of airspace. According to him, the violation of the state border of the Russian Federation by the Italian plane was not allowed.

The day before, the Russian military reported on the "interception" of a US spy plane over the Black sea. A su-27 fighter was also involved.