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Lukashenko Arrives At The Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant By Helicopter

Lukashenko Arrives At The Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant By Helicopter

The current President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko arrived by helicopter at the Minsk wheel tractor plant (MZKT), where he is to meet with the company's staff amid reports of a strike.

Meanwhile, several dozen people gathered near the MZKT checkpoint to Express solidarity with the workers. Also, hundreds of workers from electrical and tractor plants are moving to the MZKT.

In front of the factory entrance, about 100-150 m from it, people lined up in a chain. Some of them hold white and red flags and banners demanding that the current head of state resign. Workers have already gathered at the plant to communicate with Lukashenko.

Employees of "Minsk cable networks" also joined those gathered at the MZKT. They are waiting for the arrival of columns of workers from the Minsk tractor and Minsk automobile plants. The crowd of people at the entrance is getting bigger by the minute.

The situation is generally calm. A man in plainclothes approached the protesters in front of the MZKT and began demanding on behalf of law enforcement agencies that the crowd disperse, as this is considered an unauthorized rally. They were also warned of responsibility in case of disobedience. Those present replied that they would not leave and had the right to express their opinion. The security forces have not yet intervened in the situation. At the same time, the mobile Internet stopped working in the yard of the plant.

MZKT is a joint-stock company, 100% of whose shares are owned by the state. This company develops and implements transport solutions for the transportation of heavy goods on public roads and in difficult terrain, as well as mobile parts of military equipment, in particular, wheeled chassis for the mobile missile system "Topol-M." The plant employs about 5 thousand people.