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Germany To Address UN Over Us Threats To Nord Stream 2

Germany To Address UN Over Us Threats To Nord Stream 2

The head of the German Bundestag Committee on energy, Klaus Ernst, said in an interview with RT that Berlin is studying the possibility of applying to the UN because of threats from the United States to impose sanctions on the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.

Ernst believes that it is unacceptable when one country, for example, the United States, orders another sovereign state or a sovereign European Union how to solve the issue of its own energy supply.

According to the German politician, this "contradicts any reasonable relationship."

He also reacted to the statements of the European Commission, which considers possible sanctions by the United States a violation of international law.

"It is a violation to threaten the country's sovereignty in this way," the politician stressed.

For its part, the European Union believes that such pressure from Washington is contrary to international law.

Ernst admitted that Germany would also file complaints to the relevant courts after applying to the UN.