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Russian Electric Car Zetta Will Cost From 550 Thousand Rubles

Russian Electric Car Zetta Will Cost From 550 Thousand Rubles

The minimum cost of an electric car of the Russian company Zetta, production of which would start before the end of the year in Tolyatti, Samara region, will be 550 thousand rubles, according to Denis Shchurovsky, General Director of Zetta LLC.

"The basic version in the calculation of the business plan we have 550 thousand rubles for sale. This version at 10 kW/h in eco mode is designed for 180 km of mileage without recharging. Chinese electric cars at the same cost, and already taking into account subsidies, run up to 100 km," the source said.

Shchurovsky added that the goal of the project is to create an electric car that could compete with cars equipped with an internal combustion engine in terms of price, and that would allow it to be used for the city in the basic version in terms of energy efficiency. "Both of these indicators were achieved," the Project Manager said.

The Zetta electric car can be charged from almost any energy source - from a 220-380W socket or a transformer. "We have signed a roadmap with Rossetti on the placement of charging stations after our launch. First, it is planned to create them in the Samara region, then this experience will be transferred to other cities. For Samara and Tolyatti, 3-4 gas stations in each city may be sufficient if they are correctly placed," Shchurovsky said.

According to him, the production facility in Togliatti is currently undergoing a pilot Assembly. "We plan to launch production by the end of the year, subject to the approval of the application in the industrial development Fund and allocation of funds. We have already invested about 570 million rubles, and we need to invest another 100 million rubles. After approval of the application and receipt of funds, we will need 3-4 months to start production," the source said.