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Minsk Estimated The Current Damage From The Protests In Belarus At $0.5 Billion

Minsk Estimated The Current Damage From The Protests In Belarus At $0.5 Billion

Assistant to the President of Belarus for the financial and credit system, doctor of Economics Valery Belsky estimated the current damage from protest actions in the country at $0.5 billion.

"The losses from protest actions are not the 500 thousand Belarusian rubles that were spent on restoring flowerbeds and lawns. The current damage has already amounted to at least $500 million. Deferred is estimated in billions. The foundations of the system of foreign lending created over the years have been violated, the country's investment attractiveness has suffered, and sanctions are being discussed," Belsky said in a publication on the website of the state agency BelTA.

The assistant stated that the strike as a form of protest was chosen by the best state-owned enterprises. "The strike as a form of political protest was chosen by employees of state (!) enterprises. Best. Which were supported by the decision of the head of state? With a decent salary and a social package, " Belsky said, giving data on the average salary at the Belarusian metallurgical plant, Belaruskali, and the Minsk wheel tractor plant.

At the same time, according to Belsky, "most private (companies) continue to work, gaining a foothold in new markets that competitors lost during the COVID period." As an example, he cited the company "Amkodor" (Belarusian machine-building company).

Besides, according to him, at the company "Savushkin product" (a private company, the largest producer of dairy products in Belarus), "several employees tried to gather for a rally." "The personnel officer in the image of a sailor Zheleznyak came out and said something like this: "We are considering 200 resumes of those who want to get a job. We don't hold those who want to rally, but please, outside the gates of your former enterprise." And the action quickly deflated, " Belsky said.

In his opinion, the strikers at state-owned enterprises "lost the sense of danger of being left without means of livelihood." "This is probably the only ambiguous aspect of the project of the social state, which demotivates "move," "spin," and values the workplace," the assistant to Lukashenko believes.

As reported, several large industrial enterprises in Belarus have declared strikes in protest against the official results of the presidential election and the forcible dispersal of mass demonstrations of those who disagree with the results of the election.