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Omsk Doctors Declared Navalny's Untransportable Condition

Omsk Doctors Declared Navalny's Untransportable Condition

Blogger Alexey Navalny is in an untransportable condition, according to the conclusion of doctors of the Omsk hospital. FBK's lawyer Ivan Zhdanov posted this news on Twitter.

"The hospital refuses to transport Alexey; this is the position of the hospital that his condition is not transportable," Zhdanov said.

In turn, Navalny's press Secretary Kira Yarmysh reported that Navalny's wife Yulia was admitted to the ward, but this was denied to his doctor. "Yulia Navalny was allowed into the ward after all. No doctor is treating Alexey Anastasia Vasiliev, " Yarmysh said.

Supporters of Navalny also reported that they have agreements to transfer the blogger for examination and treatment in one of the toxicology centers in Europe.

Position Of The Ministry Of Health

The medical Council will assess the condition of Alexey Navalny, who is in a hospital in Omsk, and make a decision on his transportability for transfer to another medical facility, the Ministry of Health of the Omsk region told.

"He will be released only after consultation is held, where doctors will decide whether he is transportable or not," the press service of the Ministry of Health said.

On Thursday morning, the blogger's press Secretary Kira Yarmysh reported that the plane flying from Tomsk to Moscow and on Board which Navalny was, urgently sat down at the Omsk airport, because he became ill during the flight. The blogger was hospitalized in the Omsk emergency hospital. He is in a coma, it was reported that he is connected to a ventilator.