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Mitski announced new album 'Laurel Hell&&"#239. Along with Second Single / 'The Only Heartbreaker'' - The Only Time-breaker!

Mitski announced new album 'Laurel Hell&&

A new Mitski album is coming soon.

The song, entitled Laurel Hell, is set to release on Feb. 4 via Dead Oceans. The album will be Mitskis first full-length release since 2018d Be the Cowboy, which had been named the top of many end-of-year best album lists.

Laurel Hell is a soundtrack for transformation, if not the map to the place where all humanity and humanity, in which lull and joy, love, and triumph and transcendence all exist, can be viewed as worthy of acknowledgment and ultimately, forgive.

The album announcement is paired with the release of a synth-heavy new single, titled The Only Heartbreaker, with an accompanying anthemography. The song reflects the world-crushing emotion of the song of knowing you had inflicted pain on sailors, with mitski slowly bursting into the dark of an apple, and with re-writing the ear of all the people on the album.

The song is from the perspective of the person always messing up in the relationship and the designated Bad Guy who gets the blame. It could simply be about that, but I also wanted to imagine something sadder under the surface, that maybe the reason you are always the one who makes mistakes is because you only try.

As she said, I needed love songs that can help me forgive others and myself, but I always make mistakes. I need to create this space mostly for myself where I sat in the gray area.

Watch the video below for the The Only Heartbreaker.