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Scott Bakula Remembers: - "Quantum Leap" "Co-star Dean Stockwell" (soon) Scott Aulna remembers 'Quentum Friend' (Quertum Clop) & "Scott Stockswell"

Scott Bakula Remembers: -

Dean Stockwell was a generous actor, and he was an interesting man, whose fortune was met by the late Scott Bakula, who paid tribute to his Quantum Leap co-star.

Stockwell began acting as a child, and logged over 200 movie credits, but one of his most famous roles came opposite Bakula on the NBC drama that ran from 1989 to 1993.

Bakula noted that Stockwell continued to stick with the fantasy genre TV series even after being nominated for an Oscar for his work in 1988's Married to the Mob. He also cited StockWells care and respect for the fellow thespians as a sign of his character.

Having been a famous child actor, he was able to protect all of the young actor who came on our set, Bakula wrote. He always listened to the kids, and was very careful with their rights and safety. His response to our kids made us all act like better guardians ourselves.

Here is Bakula's full statement.

I met Dean at his audition for Quantum Leap in 1988. He had agreed to read for the network, and I was already cast. We connected immediately and my career and life changed in Brandon Tartikoffs office but he didn't ever complain, a lot of laughter was the show and the rest was history.

Having been very passionate about life, his work, the art and his family, and others. He had a great stance on the kids and was always attentive to his kids. As he was genuinely concerned about their rights and safety, pushed us to become better guardians ourselves.

He was always grateful and excited to have the chance to continue working. He always complained when we asked him about the golf course and told him he was ready to come to work. But when a loud voice emerged of the shiver, the sound sound of what remained silently said, The fun starts now! Truer words never were spoken.

I loved him dearly and was honored to know him. He made me a better person.

Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell from Quantum Leap) (Pictured: Scott Baculla and James Stockwich (St. Bakoul and Jacques Stockland of The Leant)