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Meet Mneskin: The Italian Band that Defied the Odds and Brought Rock back to the USA

Meet Mneskin: The Italian Band that Defied the Odds and Brought Rock back to the USA

It seems to me that the music success story is not atypical: band goes viral; band gets signed; and band finds mainstream success. But Mneskin's journey is far from ordinary.

The internet is the latest crush of the Internet Victoria De Angelis (bass), Ethan Torchio (drums) and Thomas Raggi (guitar) - who officially landed in America literally with feet on the ground.

The Italian rock stars made time for a small sold-out show at Bowery Ballroom in New York, the Roxy in Los Angeles, and an opening gig for the Rolling Stones at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

The young artists are able to go from teenage trespasser to 'open act' in the midst of a wide-circle moment that these young musicians will experience.

@thisismaneskin Great night in Vegas with pic:twidi.

Mick Jagger (@MickJagger) November 8, 2021 Mick jagger (9.January) 8:2021

The band was a big night with the most famous band - Guns N' Roses, the first concert was the infamous Sunset Strip lums. It was an unforgettable night for the band. Besides the many legends who played there, it was so exciting to play in such an iconic venue, as well as the legend of the fans. The good feeling is that you are doing something cool.

Raggi, who grew up listening to Guns N Roses and the Doors, a staple of L.A., added that I really love L, and was really emotional to play the Roxy.

The show was full of surprises. While smokey eyes, fishnets, and leather, each member of Mneskin is a truly stunning man. At the night, David took the savage drink and put on his trademark show, Its an hour and dozens of good music, energy and soy.

The four performers embraced the sounds of the Killers and the Stooges Take Me Out and their biggest song, Beggin, and a new song for the Four Seasons, which won them Eurovision earlier this year. The audience grew up in the midst of ten years of mourning, and so they began to say Zitti e Buoni that song that they won the National Academy of Music earlier in year and won they the Kirpa

In 2014, Mneskin started to play at the school, restaurants, and even though they were very young, they began to get involved in the competition at that point, but after that time, we really worked hard, so we never went out with our friends.

In an environment that isn't conducive to an up-and-coming rock band, they turned to Italy's edition of The X Factor which, while it hadn'T previously propelled any rock artists. At first, we weren'' unsure of going because of the way television shows are seen and perceived, De Angelis says. Often people think they're fake, but then we thought that was just a chance to share our music with broader audience.

The theme of Mneskin, which is synonymous with work-ethic, is authenticity, not just in their songs, their performance, and their fashion. De Angelis continues: We told each other before going, dont let anyone change us or tell us what to do. They went into the show with about 5 original songs and over 20 cover songs prepared. This catalog included their cover of Beggin which now is certified platinum.

Despite the song's 2017 debut, it'll get over the charts and receive airplay. It'd be a rarity for lone rock band in 2021. However, there're 730 million streams on Spotify alone. It is really unexpected, says Torchio.

Raggi says that a song from the past is reaching many people around the world.

The latter platform is a key to growing the young American fanbase. Adding to the growing popularity of social media, Raggi says, The world is so important because it is like watching TV, Beggin, My Slave, Zitti e buoni, and MAMMAMIA, he said. To the best of young people, social networking is very important in our field.

From time to time, TikTok became famous by a song, and it became viral. It was not like it was before, so people decided on the radio.

The rise of the "Beggin" movement took place organically, like De Angelis describes, without the band doing any kind of promotion. That means people are actually enjoying the music, she says.

What matters is that they enjoy our music, says De Angelis, that's the main thing for us.

When they were told they would never win Sanremo, because that title usually defers to classic Italian music, they are beaming gratitude for their success so far. They finally played the San Remi Music Festival, which they played in Italy, where the winner was chosen to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest. Again they reaffirmed their desire to win the song Contest, as they always said that they will never see mainstream success.

Ever since the end of the year, the chorus of Italy never wins, David says with an eye roll. And as with X Factor, the intention behind Sanremo, and then Eurovision, was the adage of constant To win: Every time I perform, its to gain exposure. I would like to swoon and take fuck. And then I will perform as much as I want to be.

Even though underestimating Mneskin seems to be a pastime of the experts that the band are more than happy to continuously prove wrong. Without ABBA and Celine Dion, Eurovision winners tend to either disappear quickly or never even make it there to begin with, if he has broken tyres that M nekin has already broken.

Essentially, the music that won Eurovision was a cheesy and popish song, and many times the artists that go to Eurovis have no catalogs of them. We were an established band in Italy, so we had an album, an EP, we performed so much, they had video clips, but whoever was left to let them know us 100%, gave the rest to David with the smirk and charm that has the entire internet wooning.

If you want to learn more, why not take their passion seriously? The new era of the music industry? "So come and experiment with your passion and be who you are and enjoy it."

Although Mneskin was silent on the repeated appearance, even though they were going to get a massive audience in the global stage, they didn't only achieve their goal of gaining traction, but also achieved achieving their goals of winning.