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Missy Elliott Tears Up at Hollywood Walk of Fame After-Party During Toasts from Janet Jackson and LL Cool J (EXCLUSIVE)

Missy Elliott Tears Up at Hollywood Walk of Fame After-Party During Toasts from Janet Jackson and LL Cool J (EXCLUSIVE)

The hip-hop icon was feted with a starry afternoon after-party at the Ardor hotel in West Hollywood Edition.

At the intimate gathering of around 50 people included LL Cool J, Janelle Monae, Lizzo, Ciara, MC Lyte and CeCe Peniston, Cheryl Salt James, JoJo and more.

After Missy joined the party to cheer and applaud, Mona Scott-Young played a video montage tribute featuring Janet Jackson, Queen Latifah, Timbaland, Brandy and Busta Rhymes.

Your music, the kids still live for it to today, Jackson said. You are always ahead of the curve.

Missy wiped away tears in the video.

It was a long road on terribly tough road that only ten thousand people came to, Jackson said, My proudness is euphoric and I love you so much.

MC Lyte recalled how Missy bailed their first two studio sessions for Cold Rock a Party. The third time she had laid down the most beautiful libs I've ever heard along with sexy verses that were pumpin' like nobodys business, she said. You made me to give my first record.

I'm grateful for your generosity. That's the highest compliment.

LL Cool J was a surprise guest. People don't understand how much creativity it takes to make something simple and dope, he said. People only think of painting pictures in hip-hop. But they dont know how hard it is to achieve beautiful simplicity, to give elegant joints, you know what I said? It's harder than people think or everybody would do it, right?

He added, "I just want to represent the people that are playing the game and those who have been doing it for years, we love you, respect you. We appreciate you."

She cracked, I have a headache Ive been crying so much, before explaining, Everyone who knows me, I'm always crying. I am sympathetic. Scream about everything.

She was sitting while speaking on her heartfelt remarks because she said she had leg surgery three weeks ago. She said that she was in pain due to leg operation.

The party was presented by The West Hollywood EDITION, Monami Entertainment, Atlantic Records and Pepsi. The deejays were from music mentorship program Girls Make Beats.