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A wedding, a face off and showcasing 'a new career' for Kara. #039;Showline &##5: The Bride's Finale Explained: A Wedding, A Face Off and A New Career

A wedding, a face off and showcasing 'a new career' for Kara. #039;Showline &##5: The Bride's Finale Explained: A Wedding, A Face Off and A New Career

Please don't read if you have not watched Kara, the series finale of Supergirl.

After six seasons of saving National City, Supergirl has finally come to a close but not before Kara, aka Melissa Benoist, resorted to life-changing decisions.

When the bad guys sucked out their life force, the people of the Earth became increasingly depressed as they realized their entire mission was noble, but flawed: We don't need to be heroes, she explained to her Super friends. I need relationships.

Supergirl lent a lot of help to the greats, as they were able to fight against their foes but also became masked by their power, and so had the other two women helping wry to become the heroes of their own lives.

He opened the Phantom Zone, unleashing creatures, and dragged them back into the Zone.

The team was offered to recreate the DEO in whatever form they wanted. The show shared flashes of other characters futures, including the Lena Luthor Foundation and the Dreamer Center for LGBTQ Outreach.

Considering the impact of her speech on humanity, both Mon-El and Nia were distraught with the idea that he would not be in the future. Yet, in this lifetime, Brainy prepared to leave Earth so a better future if naive, not reliving it, or besides the fact that Nion was still alive, but unable to stay together, and that she and both were exhausted and exhausted by the expectation that the 'nia' would be able to snatch the same

As soon as she had decided to leave for her life, Kara, while being a mother of frank and snubbed the villains, was unsure of what to do with her career. The second time she reached re-election, but realised that she was in bright mode, and was not able to take this dream job.

Soon after, Alex and Kelly (Azie Tesfai) got married, surrounded by family and friends including Brainy, who returned to Earth, determined to devote himself to Nia, no matter what the consequences may be.

With the reception, Alex and Kelly asked Lena (Katie McGrath) to be their daughter's godmother, while Jimmy gave a mini-camera to his niece, and Jonn (David Harewood) was told he would have gotten married, Brainy shared that there was ten percent chance that the couple would get married. Plus, Kara caught up with his original CatCo friends, Winn and Jimmy.

Cat called mid-reception trying to find out why Kara didn't sign on, so when she admitted she was torn, she cut to the point: You're Supergirl. La di da.

"You should stop making excuses and decide what your course is," she said. "I hope you will choose to become your full self, because that will really be something to see and it will be interesting." She reiterated, I believe in you. I always have.

Lena, whose dying mother admitted she stifled Lenian's powers as a child in order to control the situation, encouraged her friend to live their own life. Le Na, who has been known for his help, said that she has waited for her glasses to leave behind, in deciding to make her able to be hone to become empathetic.

As they played, Kara and friends had their typical game night, clearly thrilled to be together. In the interview, which followed the broadcast of the video interview with Cat, she introduced the world to Kara, the catCos editor in chief...a.k.a Supergirl.